About Jann French

I have worked as a film editor, potter, sculptor, carpenter, teacher, painter and decorator, cleaner, SCUBA instructor, arts administrator, shop co-ordinator, event organiser, manager and book keeper.  I have volunteered on committees, at co-ops, music festivals and organic farms.  Born in England, I've also lived in South Africa and Australia.

I feel best when I live as close to natural as possible.  I like my food organic and unprocessed; and my feet flat on the ground.  I love the far away great outdoors as well as the culture of societies and cities.  I'm happy alone or engaged with others.  I've sailed the South Atlantic, safari-ed in Africa, cycled round the corner... :) 
I've had leadership roles and worker bee positions.  I enjoy variety and contrast because it’s interesting, enlightening, uplifting and humbling. 

I am in awe of how perfectly clever and unique life, nature and the planet is.  Nature to me is God - the most amazing thing; that I feel strongly about preserving for all the noble reasons imaginable, some selfish ones and because nature really is just so groovy.  Ho yes... I admit to being a bit of a clumsy idealist with a high value system.

I have trained in art from my earliest infant school days.  I can paint and draw just fine but my real gifts lie with things 3-dimensional.  Therefore first and foremost I consider myself a maker despite all the other jobs I've ever had (all artists need a day job sometimes).  Traditional crafts and trades blow my hair back.  I swoon at things well-made.  Especially those consciously well-made AND hand-made, as they can radiate so much more than stuff mass produced: more charm, heart, strength, usefulness, quality, intelligence, beauty, individuality, rough edges, maker’s marks… etc.  I find such things more lovely and, more importantly, more comfortable to live with. 

My other businesses are sustainable, nutrient dense, healthy food; and film editing: I'm 1/2 of OPK Editing.  OPK stands for old people kissing.  We cut weddings, contemporary ceremonies and community positive projects that interest us.
I also work part time at my local organic food co-operative.

Latest goals: in lieu of being able to save the world immediately or even conquer my Things to Do list… are to see my parents through their old age, relearn to simplify and unplug again, enjoy the loving and keep learning NVC.



Sep 95 - Jul 98              University of Westminster: UK (one semester at Betzalel, Jerusalem)
                                         - BA (Hons) Workshop Ceramics (First class pass)

Aug 90                           PADI Medic First Aid Instructor: UK

Aug 89
                           PADI Scuba Instructor: UK

Jan 79 - Dec 80
            The Johannesburg High School for Art, Ballet and Music: South Africa
                                         - Matric in English, Afrikaans, Art, Biology, Sculpture, Painting

Employment History

Currently                         Self Employed Artisan 
                                        Film Editor: OPK Editing
                                        Shop Coordinator - Alfalfa House Organic Food Co-Operative

Sept 06 - Feb 09
  Volunteering, Travelling and Making Moccasins  

Jan 08 - May 08              WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) volunteer: Queensland & New South Wales

Dec 07 - Jan 08              Assistant Market Stalls Administration/‘Bump-in’ Officer: Woodford Folk Festival: Queensland

Sep 06 - date                  Shop & Administrative Volunteer: Alfalfa House, Organic Food Co-Operative: Sydney

Feb 81 - Apr 08    Paid Work

Nov 13 - date                 Casual Shop Coordinator - Alfalfa House Organic Food Co-Operative

Sep 06 - Nov 06             Temporary bookkeeper: Alfalfa House, Organic Food Co-Operative: Sydney

Jul 99 - Apr 08                Teacher (2nd job): of Pottery, Firing, Basket Weaving, Bookbinding

Oct 00 - Sep 06              Centre Manager: Centrehouse Community Art and Leisure Learning Centre: Sydney

Apr 99 - Oct 00                Administrative Assistant: Australia Council for the Arts: Sydney

Jan 95 - May 95              Sound Editor: Photoplay Productions: London

Sep 89 - Mar 93              PADI Scuba Instructor (Casual, in spare time)

Sep 89 - Jan 95              Assistant Film Editor/Sound Editor: BBC: London

Feb 87 - Dec 88              Proprietor/Film Editor: French Post Productions CC: Johannesburg

Jun 81 - Feb 87               Film Editor: James Garrett and Partners: Johannesburg

Feb 81 - May 81              Stencilling Artist: Buffalo Sign Company (screen printers): Johannesburg

Other Interests

Art, design, fashion, music, architecture, fun, film, science, nature, sustainability, ethics, organics, yoga, Pilates, Vipassana meditation, raw food, walking, camping, sailing, snorkelling, exploring, reading, knitting, crochet, sewing.

Main Awards

May 06
                            Sydney Teapot Show, Honourable Mention

Sep 98                            Citizenship Award, Lane Cove Council, Sydney

April 94                           The RMJM Art for Building Award for Ceramic Sculpture, London

Sep 02                            Frances Martin Award for Sculpture, London

Maker's Marks


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