Private Lessons

I am available for consultancy, private teaching, tutoring or coaching in ceramics/pottery (throwing or hand building), sculpture, art, kiln firing, basket weaving, bookbinding, knitting and moccasin making.   AU$ 80 per hour.

Moccasins: I only teach moccasin making by privately, one on one, because that's the way I make shoes - individually.  It's a considered practice for me about right living, sustainability, applied art, craftsmanship and personal service... so the only way I know how to teach it is side by side - to pass on exactly what I do and why.  Students normally come to my workshop for a few sessions, with a little home work in between to learn by making a pair of shoes or boots.  The shoes/boots can be made for the student or a friend/relative but we will need access to the person's feet at the measuring and fitting stages.  The cost for this is the normal price of the moccasins you choose to make (from my catalogue) plus my hourly rate of $80 per hour.  The amount of tutoring hours you will need varies depending on the style, usually between 5 - 9 hours over 2 - 3 visits. 

My services, workshops and lectures are also available for hire by companies, schools and organisations as well as individuals. Group Workshops require each student to pay as per prices below.

If you would like to book me for tutoring or teaching please contact me at


Please email me at if you are interested in doing any of the following workshops.  I put them on as demand comes up.
Contact me if you have an organisation wanting to run one of these workshops or enough friends interested to do any of them and I'll organise a workshop for you.

Japanese Bookbinding                                                                                                               $110 including all materials

Half Day Workshop, 9.30am - 1pm

This Japanese bookbinding style utilises decorative stitch patterns to sew pages together.  The workshop is suitable for people with no experience at all.  You will make and take home your own little boxed sample set containing four books made with four different binding styles.  You will also get notes to take home so you'll be able to make more books on your own; all kinds of books for all kinds of purposes.  All materials included - you don’t have to bring a thing, but if you have some fancy paper or thin card you would like to use - bring it along.  This all means that after this workshop you'll find it relatively easy to impress your friends by making up notepads and books using this technique.  Maximum Students: 10

If you stay for the afternoon Coptic Bookbinding Workshop, cost for both workshops is discounted to $135


Coptic Bookbinding                                                                                                                     $110 including all materials

Half Day Workshop, 1.30 - 5pm

Coptic bookbinding involves sewing pages together in sections so you can make up books with as many pages and sections as you like.  This workshop is suitable for people with no experience at all.  You will go home with a small journal-sized book with a cover that you have made.  You won't need to take notes in class as you will get extensive notes to take home, so that you'll be able to make more books; all kinds of books for all kinds of purposes.  All materials included so you don’t have to bring a thing, but if you have some fancy paper or card you would like to work with – bring it along.  Maximum Students: 10 

If you do the morning Japanese Bookbinding Workshop as well, cost for both workshops is discounted to $135


 A Comprehensive Introduction to Flat Basket Weaving                                                         $180 including all materials

Full Day Workshop, 10am - 5pm

Today will be a whirlwind. A rewarding day of learning. Get to grips with flat square weaving and diagonal flat weaving all in one day by making a variety of things using both natural and recycled materials. You will make a bracelet, a gift box and a little basket. These techniques will launch you to be able to make boxes, plant pot covers, waste paper baskets, head bands, napkin rings, storage trays etc. on your own.
Notes and materials supplied. Suitable for absolute beginners.
Maximum Students: 15

Discount of $20 if you do both basket weaving workshops

Basket Weaving - Random Weave                                                                                             $180 including all materials

Full Day Workshop, 10am - 4pm

Enjoy a relaxing day learning this wonderfully free way to weave that resembles the work of weaver birds.  We will use natural materials, (mostly flax, cordylines, lilies and grasses), and so will discuss these materials, how to harvest them, soak them and store them.  All materials supplied. Success and inspiration guaranteed. 

Discount of $20 if you do both basket weaving workshops


Basket Weaving - Coiling with Recycled Materials                                                                                                         $180

Full Day Workshop, 10am - 4pm

This workshop will introduce you to coil stitching - one of the classic methods of basket weaving. You can use this method to work with traditional natural materials (grasses, vines, rushes, seaweed and such like) but today we are going to make it easy and not-scary for you by using junky materials that one might normally throw away. Suitable for people with no experience. Baskets can be made from ordinary plastic shopping bags, string, rope, wool, plastic tubing, material, wire, newspaper, magazines, leather, cut up milk cartons, ribbon… the list is endless – anything basically that’s flexible. You can also weave or sew in bits and bobs to add interest to your contemporary creation ie beads, buttons, bells, ring-pulls from cans, little plastic toys, washers, shells, etc. Today's fun lies in learning how to make a basket and become inspired to put all kinds of waste and found materials to good use in creating colourful contemporary baskets. Materials will be supplied - you don't have to bring anything but definitely do bring along any materials, stuff, junk and doo-dahs that you have lying around to use yourself or share around.


Factor X - The Fourth Bottom Line in Creativity                                                                                                              $99

Half Day Workshop, 10am - 1pm

This new lecture/workshop (at an introductory price) is about how to get that mysterious something extra into your work that makes it somehow better.  Suitable for students of any creative practice or pursuit whatsoever.  The best creators from sculptors to writers put it into their work naturally.  Students who missed out on any formal arts training should find it especially interesting, inspiring and useful as well as people who just do what they consider to be normal stuff around the house; cooking, woodwork, sewing, writing letters, etc.  A bit lecture, a lot example, and some experiential action - all designed to help you understand what this mystery element actually is... or at least might be ;-)


Organic Raw Cacao (Raw Chocolate) Workshop                                                                                                           $220

Date TBA, 10am - 1pm

The quickest, easiest, simplest, healthiest, most sustainable way to enjoy cacao and other superfoods.  This workshop will be unconventional as it's brought to you by a non-cook... so it's highly suitable for the clueless in the kitchen.  Layman's terms will abound.  I'll show you how to whilp up cacao chocolates, brownies, mousse and drinks with the very finest of organic ingredients.  You'll be able to take morsels home if we haven't eaten it all. 

This workshop is particularly for folks who are not 'Raw Foodies'.  Its definately for those that are curious about the Raw Food Movement and anyone who wants to discover that eating healthy can include delicious and decedent treat foods.  I can't call them naughty foods because they're superfoods and just so good for you.  

Ingredients will be an additional cost, which we will split between however many students we get.  I expect around $12-15 each. 


Clay Firing Lecture                                                                                                                                                            $120

Full Day Workshop - 9.30am - 1pm

This is a comprehensive technology lecture suitable for students of any clay practice to inform their making practice and for people buying their first kiln.  Learn about the changes ceramic materials undergo at different temperatures and exactly/technically what happens (or can happen) to your work in the kiln.  How to maintain kilns and kiln furniture.  Gives you all the theory and knowledge to confidently make for the kiln, pack and fire kilns.  There will be a small tea break; bring or buy local refreshments.  Notes supplied. 
Maximum Students:16


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