These take weeks to make as they are hand stitched, but they are beautiful.
Deer skin   ...(of course!)
Au$ 300




I've always got some bags and pouches in stock.  Send me the dimensions of your camera, phone, passport or whatever and I'll custom make you one with a strap or a belt fastening - or both.


Bags for a passport, an ipod, plane ticket and some notes... or other things of course
Au$ 58


Black iPod Over-Shoulder Bag and Brown Digital Camera Belt Pouch             Large Belt Bag                                                Fringy Belt Bag
Au$ 60 each                                                                                                       Au $120                                                          Au $120


Medium Belt Bags - just slip them on or off any belt.
Au $120


Midi Shoulder Bags
Au$ 120




Standard  Au$ 50
Fringed  Au $60



From Au$6 - $60



I bought a heap of retro belt buckles from the early 1980s here are the grandest buckles used on the first belts to come out of the workshop.  The leather is cow leather, not deerskin as deer is probably too stretchy for belts.
Au$ 60


Zero Footprint - made from rescued materials


Christmas Decorations

Zero Footprint - made from rescued materials
Au$ 16 each                                                                                                                       Au$ 16 each



Baby Coat, black

Absolute one off.  Very special.  Knitted and then densely felted.  Super thick and warm.  100% Alpaca Wool.  Rescued buttons.  Au$ 300   SOLD



Little Felt Pot

Just for show
H 8.5cm x W 9cm

Knitted Pots

Zero Footprint - made from rescued materials
Industrial Textile Waste

H 29cm x W15cm                                                     H 20.5cm x W13cm                                    H 11cm x W 11cm
                                                                          sold                                                             Not for sale


Dog Leads

Almost Zero Footprint - made from rescued materials - jeans & shirts, new clip


Notebooks, Journals and Scribblers
Zero Footprint - made entirely from rescued materials







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