I'm based in Inner West Sydney, Australia
I can also be found on the Hawkesbury River and Central Coast
I travel about sometimes too, you can hook up with me on my travels


M: +61 (0)410 632 903


How to Order Moccasins

Cost and Making Times

This depends on the amount and type of leather available and the number of hours I work on your moccasins - if they are straightforward, without extras such as dying, polishing or design changes then prices are as catalogued on my Moccasins page of this website.  

When your order gets to the head of the queue; shoes take a day to make and boots take 2-3 days to make.  I aim to fill your order within 7-21 days.


I'd like access to your feet twice - firstly to take measurements and make simple tape moulds of your feet.  Then for a fitting before the heel and other seams are sewn. 

You need to make appointments with me for this or see me at festivals, markets or on our travels.  If you are travelling from afar, contact me beforehand so we can coordinate a plan for while you are in town; as this could be done on two consecutive days or twice in the same day.

Ordering - National/International

Sorry I'm not taking any new distance work on at the moment, unless I have made for you in the past and I already have a pattern for you.  I want to work on actual feet I can meet at this time.

The Fine Print

I can only start work on receiving a deposit of half the cost of your order.


New boots for a New Year for my nephew
Walberswick beach, Suffolk, UK. Dawn, 2nd January 2009

These are the same boots with the legs up or folded down.


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