Au$ 145




Au$ 135


Au$ 195...
...because this beautiful green skin is a glove grade skin and has been backed onto a thicker skin for longer wear.
Other colours available burgandy, tan, buckskin, chocolate, cream or pink



Au$ 145



JB Wedding or Special Occasion Shoes

Au$ 145
This pair have been made from a lightwieght very soft glove grade deerskin.  I would say it's too thin for everyday wear but for slippers or special occasions, they would be incredible.
All my shoes and boots can be made in white, cream or other coloured skins for weddings or special occasions. 


Saxon/Viking Sandals

Au$ 110
I can make you these shoes in adult off-the-peg sizes because they are adjustable you you don't need to be measured to the extent of my other styles.
Just need to let me know what size you want and I will make you a pair. 

For Children: I would prefer you to send me an outline of their foot and the measurement round the ball of their foot because children's feet vary a lot in shape. The good thing is these shoes grow; stretch and expand with children for quite a while.

You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal.  Just email me and I will forward you my account details.  jf(at)jannfrench(dot)com
Postage to anywhere in Australia is $8  To elsewhere - contact me.



Saxon Go-Go Boots

Au$ 245
As per above shoe version, I can make you these in off-the-peg sizes.  I just need to know your shoe size and how tall you would like them. 
Postage to anywhere in Australia is $12.  To elsewhere - contact me.
You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal.  Just email me and I will forward you my account details.  jf(at)jannfrench(dot)com



Au$ 145 
Au$ 175 dyed (like the red ones, top right)
Au$ 145 variation with no holes





Au$ 145   (The pair pictured are made with a double layer of skin so are $205)



Au$ 145




Au$ 175




Au$ 175


Au$ 235...                                                                                                                                                                   These are my feet in my dyed red Leafbornes.  Sorry about
...because this beautiful green skin is a glove grade skin and has been backed onto a thicker             the dust :-)
skin for longer wear.  I have other lovely glove grade coloured skins too.                                                     For dyed shoes add $35, so these cost Au$ 210



Au$ 235
These are made double layer as standard.  The coloured piece can currently be burgandy, green, black, tan, buckskin, chocolate, charcoal, cream, pink or blue.



G.McD (Boat Shoe)

Au $195 Single Layer
Au$ 265 Double Layer
The pair illustrated are single layer brown.
These shoes can be made two tone; with a suede or different coloured top panel.


Kaushik (high boat shoe)

A higher topped version of the G.McD Boat Shoe above.
Au $195 Single Layer
Au$ 265 Double Layer
The pair illustrated are double layered black.
These shoes can be made two tone; with a suede or different coloured top panel.



2 hole version - Au $195 Single Layer.
This pair in Saddle Tan, suede.


Au $195 Single Layer
Au$ 265 Double Layer
The pair illustrated are double layered black.
These shoes can be made two tone; with a suede or different coloured top panel.



Au $195 Single Layer
Au$ 265 Double Layer
Both pairs illustrated below are single layered. The brown ones are suede/rough side out. The Black ones are grain/smooth side out.
The loops on the back make it easy to clip them to your backpack or pull them on.
These shoes can be made two tone; with a suede or different coloured top panel.




Wrap-Around Moccasin Boots

Au$ 375



Au$ 420  with dyed panel (red in this case)                                                                                                            Au$ 445  for panel laminated with glove grade skin


Pull-On Moccasin Boots  

Au$ 350
Made with a double layer of leather on the foot.  These boots can also be worn rolled down with the thonging hidden inside the fold or strapped around the outside of the folded down layer. 



                                                                                                                                                             Au$ 420  for fully dyed Pull On Boots (red in this case)


The boots below have been made with the suede side out on the legs.  The 2nd picture shows the same boots with the tops rolled down, exposing the smooth side of the skin.  Deer skin is sometimes considered more hard-wearing with the rough (suede) side out which is the traditional way to make them.


... and this is what the Pull-on Boots look like when they are well worn in

These are my very dear old trusty Pull-on Boots when they were about 4 years old.  My first pair made by my teacher a while before I learnt how to make them.  They're now about 8 years old and have walked thousands of miles in a fair few countries. They have stretched from wearing lots of socks in them in cold countries and have been resoled more times than I can remember.  They go everywhere with me because they are just so easy to wear anywhere and everywhere; with skirts or jeans, to pull on at night when camping, and are truely delicious to hike in.  They are my favourite dry weather hiking boots.  I just looooove them.


My old boots (above) modelled by my cousin's daughter because she has better legs than I do.



Darcy Boots are shorter versions of the above pull-on boots.  You can also wear these with the tops up or rolled down. 

Au$ 235 Single layer on the foot
Au$ 295 Double layer on the foot (and dyed a special colour - like the red pair Au$ 345)






Side Fastening Darcy

Au$ 235 Single layer on the foot
Au$ 295 Double layer on the foot


Green Side Fastening Darcy Boots.  Made with a beautiful green glove weight deerskin laminated to the thicker brown skin
Au$ 335


Wind Ankle Boots

Au$ 265 Single layer on the foot
Au$ 325 Double layer on the foot
Au$ 340 Double layer on the foot, green/pink/buckskin/red/black/tan soft skin contrasting colour fringe




Wind Ankle Boot Variation

Front fastening with a button instead of with the thong detail as above

Au$ 265 Single layer on the foot
Au$ 325 Double layer on the foot



Darcy and Wind Boot Variations

Au$ 265 Single layer on the foot
Au$ 325 Double layer on the foot

Left: Darcy boot top made using the uneven flank edge of the hide                Finer cut fringe from tops made using the uneven, rough flank edge of the hide
uneven flank edge sliced to thick gauge fringe                                      



Au$ 235 Single layer on the foot
Au$ 295 Double layer on the foot


Edward Ankle Boots

Au$ 225 Single layer on the foot
Au$ 285 Double layer on the foot



Sun Dancer

Au$ 225 Single layer on the foot
Au$ 285 Double layer on the foot



Baby and Toddler Shoes

Banquet Shoes Au$ 90
Saxon Shoes Au$ 60
Ankle Boots Au$ 185 
Knee High Boots Au$ 225
... but Baby and Toddler footwear can be made in any of the adult styles. 

Children's shoes can take almost as many hours to make as adult ones.  I undercut my prices as much as I possibly can for baby and toddler moccasins as a kindness/consideration to parents.  (If you are able to pay more, feel free to make an extra donation :-) 

Parents have reported that my shoes last their children over a year as deerskin does stretch with them as they grow for a while.
Most parents know that children need to be soft soled shoes when they learn to walk and are young for their correct development.  Of course I think this makes sense for adults too but the main thing you may wish to note about my shoes is that I only use vegetable tanned skins.  This means they are non-toxic.  More commonly hides are tanned with chrome.  You may like to google chrome vs. vegetable tanning and you'll soon see where I'm coming from.  



About The Moccasins

Please Read This Section: We both need you to be fully informed.

Soft sole or 'barefoot' shoes were originally what everyone wore if they wore anything.  I call my shoes moccasins because I learnt my trade through a Native American line but I'm an English woman who has also lived in Africa and now lives in Australia, which may help to explain my mix up of design influences.

My custom made deer skin shoes and boots are made using only hand tools.  Every hole is hand punched and every stitch, hand stitched.  The result is honest, natural, simple footwear that grows more beautiful and comfortable with age.  They feel great. 

I custom make them on commission to fit your feet.  First I measure both your feet and make a simple tape mould of one foot.  Call me to make an appointment or catch me on my travels to get measured. Once I've got the toes made up, I'll get you back for a fitting.

I use deer skin because it is absolutely the best.  Occasionally I use kangaroo but kangaroo is 3 times the price and not as thick.  These skins are famous for their special softness, stretch and strength which comes from having more fibres per square inch than other leathers.  Only the skins of wild game seem to have these particular qualities... maybe it's because free range animals still choose their own food?  As an organic food supporter, I would think that... nature-al is best.

When the moccasins are brand new it can be hard to 'see' them properly as their beauty and comfort comes with time and wearing.  This is often difficult to relay to new customers from the samples on my market stall table.  My moccasins are designed and made in ways that exploit the inherent qualities of the skin (soft, strong, stretchy) so that they 'finish themselves off' as they are worn.  Becoming replicas of your feet.  It's the way they age and mature that make them look good and feel special - and it won't take long. 

The Tabs

The tabs on the back of some of the shoes are there to help you pull them on because when they are first made they may be snug.  Once you get walking around in them the leather stretches out to refine the fit.  When the shoes have become easy to pull on and off, you can cut the tabs off the back if you prefer.



The shoes and boots are made without additional soles as is traditional.  It's the soft soles that make them comfortable, quiet and natural to walk in.  Lovely; if you like to feel the ground beneath your feet. 

I do put soles on though, which means gluing on another layer of leather, in the shape of your walk pattern.  The best time to get your first soles put on is once you have worn them in, they are fully comfortable and your walk pattern has been revealed on the underside (in about a week or three).... or at the latest; just before you wear through the bottom... (If you've worn yours through I can still put soles on as long as the holes aren't too big).

Some people choose to have conventional soles fitted either by me or by a good shoe repair shop in their area - which may be your choice if you prefer conventional soles, plan to wear them a lot in the wet and/or you don't mind trading some of the barefoot advantages for your longer lasting soles.  I have two kinds of thin rubber soling materials I can put on for you.  

Soling costs: 
Single layer deerskin: Au$ 35 

Double layer deerskin: Au$ 70
Rubber: Au$ 45 (I have to have my arm twisted to put rubber on. I'm not keen)
If you like I can teach you how to do it for the same price. 

You can post your mocc's to me from anywhere for soling.  Return postage to anywhere in Australia is $9 for shoes (or up to 500g) and $14 for boots (or up to 3Kg).  Overseas postage - Varies on where you are and the service you require.  

Because moccasins need to become a 'second skin' I wouldn't recommend having any soles fitted until you've worn them long enough for them to have become properly stretched-in and comfortable.  Meanwhile...

There is no need to fear wearing them outdoors, enjoy yourself.

These shoes do need to be soled more often than thick soled shoe shop shoes, but I think you'll find it's worth it.  Please don't compare soft sole moccasins with normal shoes, they are something else entirely.  Especially hand made ones.  Moccasins are all about feel, enjoyment and health.  I'm a craftsperson, an applied artist, so I do also care deeply about their looks, and a heap of other wholesome and practical values - but what they do, and why I love them, is that they enable you to feel comfortably sure footed, happy, more connected and aware of where you are, because your feet ease round the undulations and shapes of whatever is underfoot.  It’s delicious, comforting... and I find my whole physical body is happier too, finding it's own natural posture, so I believe it's a better way to travel.

How often do they need soling?  Everyone is different.  For me it's about two or three times a year; which is average.  Some customers go for 18months or more if they don't wear them often or wear them on unpaved ground.  Other mocc's come back in a month!  Some people only wear them indoors so they last for years before they need soles.  The shoes/boots themselves will rock on for years with regular soling.

Maybe moccasins and their soling requirements are like hair cuts, fountain pens and cashmere socks... some people have their hair cut every 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, once a year, or they might cut it themselves.  Cashmere socks wear out faster than acrylic socks but I'd still rather have the cashmere ones thanks, even though they're really expensive and need constant darning.  Fountain pens need filling up, cleaning and sometimes blob ink but using one is nice because the lines they make are more alive.  They are also extremely unlikely to end up floating around in the Great Garbage Islands of our precious oceans.
For some of us more organic things often feel nicer, more special, more charming, more homely and we decide if they're therefore worth any inconvenience

For the interest of some: I have posted a soling tutorial photo album, in my Facebook pages.


The shoes are wonderful lightweight summer things usually worn without socks.  If you will be wearing socks in yours - just wear them when I measure you.

In winter you need to insulate yourself from the cold ground a bit.  I wear boots all winter with two or three pairs of real wool socks inside them because I feel the cold.  This means my boots have stretched rather a lot now over the years to accommodate the layers of cosy socks, but I also wear the same boots in the summer without socks.  The extra space is welcome in the heat.  So it all seems to work. 


Some customers have asked for synthetic, felt or sheepskin innersoles - They work well.  I use them in the winter.  

If you want to use innersoles it's best to get the innersoles you'd like before you order so I can cut them to shape and measure you standing on them.  I carry a variety of innersoles that you can purchase from my workshop or market stall - so this can be dealt with on the spot when you come to be measured. 


Double layer means an extra layer of deerskin is added to the entire foot section of the boot or shoe.  I laminate the two layers together with contact adhesive before I sew them together.

Shoes are usually made of a single layer of deerskin. 
The tall Pull-On and Wrap Around boots are double layer just on the foot area as standard. If you would like your boots double layered on the legs as well, contact me for a quote, it can be done.
The shorter boots can be single or double layer - the choice is yours.

For those who want a thicker shoe:  I can make them double layer.  If you would like this option please add $60 to quoted prices.


The virtue of travelling in a barefoot style is gathering popularity and is being discussed on a multitude of web pages such as Wikipedia, Feelmax, Vibram FiveFingers, the barefoot runner sites (i.e. Bio-mechanics of Foot Strike) and a variety of health interest sites like  Personally I just like it and believe nature knows best.  I really enjoy my feet being exercised, flexible and free, treading gently and quietly so I can properly feel and be wherever I am.  

Over time people often become lighter on their feet the longer they go 'barefoot' because their gait changes.  Which invariably turns out well for many body parts.  You'll either walk more upright on your whole foot or maybe land toes first.  You'll probably step more gently so as not to pound your body.  Your feet will get stronger as you employ more flexibility in your ankles, feet and toes to walk.  And you might even find your mocc's need soling less often.



My latest favourite stuff for softening, conditioning and waterproofing is Beeswax.  (The Boot-Goo pictured)

I'm very fond of Neatsfoot Oil for softening as it's the fastest at the job.  It is particularly excellent for feeding and softening sad old leather that may have gone hard from weather or age.  

Dubbin is also a good wax product used to soften, condition and waterproof leather.  Some say Dubbin can rot stitching.  I haven't noticed this... but I probably only do mine once or twice a year.  

Saddle Soap is a nice easy and effective cleaner.  So is metholated spirits, but watch out with meth's - it can take the colour off. 

Don't forget plain old school shoe polish.  It puts a shine on better than anything else. 

There are plenty of other lovely easily available leather-care, polishes and waterproofing products out there that will do their jobs very well too but do check they are ok on deerskin. 

All products change the colour slightly on first application. 

I do carry a stock of beeswax, neatsfoot oil, saddle soap, shoe polish, innersoles, etc. that I can sell to customers from my workshop or market stalls.

Buying Locally, Ecologically and Ethically

My moccasins are also about caring for the world and the community we live in. My skins and supplies come from Australian sources.  The leather is vegetable tanned.  The alternative would be chrome tanned which I don't consider ethical, decent or non-toxic enough to be sensible.  When I travel I buy skins in the country I am in.... because I do care about my ecological footprint.  I'm hyper interested in Sustainability and the Economics of Happiness.

I am a proper full-time whole-hearted craftsperson/applied artist; with a sensitive soul.  I deeply consider aesthetics, function and quality along with morals, standards, ethics and values.  These topics toss around my head and heart constantly.  It can often be excruciating.  I wish I could say my moccasins were all the wonderful things they are and impervious to wear, tear, torrential rain, ice and snow… and be vegan too! - but they can’t be unless I sell out somewhere.   I am a relative purist trying to make, be and do as gently and cleanly as I can while honouring/acknowledging tradition and modernity.

Making these moccasins is my way of making a living without poisoning the planet; and of providing a way for my customers to purchase positively and comfortably – knowing that they are supporting a craftsperson who will in turn spend their money consciously. 

For this reason I also don't waste resources on fancy packaging or boxes with my logo printed on it.  You'll receive your new friends in recycled bags or packaging if needed and I rely on you spreading the word if you are happy with them.

Rain - NB!

Deer skin dries out from a soaking with no ill effects, it rarely goes hard like other leathers can, but these shoes aren't waterproof, you'll get damp feet in the rain, and.... BE WARNED; the leather soles can become super slippery on some smooth wet surfaces and paving stones, (as I am reminded every time I'm caught out in a city downpour, wooo-ooahh).  In the wet I wear my wellies instead. 

Flaws - NB!

It is normal for deer to fight so there are always scars in the skin somewhere.  Hides also have colour and texture variations.  I source the best skins I can but be aware that the surface of your footwear is highly likely not to be perfect all over - and that will be perfectly perfect, normal and natural.

Rough or Smooth Finish

All footwear can be made grain (smooth) side out or rough (suede) side out.  The tradition in North America is for rough side out; they say it lasts longer.  I've not noticed any difference in wear so don't confirm this.  I am however a big fan of rough side out.


Sorry, Brown and Black skins are no more - my supplier retired and a replacement is proving hard to find.

My current basic moccasin grade deer skins shown grain (smooth) side out and rough (suede) side out: -

  Saddle Tan                                                Neutral

The neutral skin ages to a warmer orange over time. The neutral colour is also the one I use when I am asked to dye the skin to a colour such as red, yellow, blue or green.

Finer, glove grade coloured skins (very soft): -
For gloves and they are beautiful laminated onto a thicker skin that will give these colours strength enough to be used for moccasin making.
They are also good for fringes on Wind boots without the extra thickness.

Green grain side                                          Green rough side                                             Pink grain side                                             Pink rough side 

Light Blue grain side                                  Light Blue rough side                                          Tan grain side                                             Tan rough side

Off White/Blue grain side                           Off White/Blue rough side                                Buck grain side                                           Buck rough side

Black Split (rough both sides)                                              Dark Green Split (rough both sides)                                        Chocolate Split (rough both sides)

Close up of how these finer skins look when laminated to a thicker skin

Maker's Marks

This mark only goes on things that have been hand made by my hands, no one else's. 
There are only so many creations a craftsperson can make in a week or a lifetime... wow, and all that... nice tradition to think about... I hope...   


Cost and Making Times

This depends on the amount and type of leather available and the number of hours I work on your moccasins - if they are straightforward, without extras such as dying, polishing or design changes the prices are as quoted next to the photographs above: -

When your order gets to the head of the queue; shoes take a day to make and boots take 2-3 days to make.  I aim to fill your order within 7-21 days.


I'd like access to your feet twice - firstly to take measurements and make simple tape moulds of your feet.  Then for a fitting before the heel and other seams are sewn. 

You need to make appointments with me for this or see me at festivals, markets or on our travels.  If you are travelling from afar, contact me beforehand so we can coordinate a plan for while you are in town; as this could be done on two consecutive days or twice in the same day.

International/National Orders - Sorry I'm not taking any new distance work on at the moment, unless I have made for you in the past and I already have a pattern for you.  I want to work on actual feet that I can have access to at this time. 


Email me  with your requirements and/or questions, and I will be able to advise you further and forward you PayPal or bank account details for payments.  
Cellphone: +61 (0)410 632 903

The Fine Print

I can only start work on receiving a deposit of half the cost of your order.


Moccasins best suit those who like being barefoot
and enjoy their feet being free and flexible
Also excellent for people who want to acclimatise their feet to walking barefoot


Thank You

Many thanks to my moccasin teacher Jory; a dear, fair, long-haired American man who was himself taught by a Native American.  I thank Jory from the bottom of my heart for passing on his skills to me.  I wore Jory's shoes exclusively before he taught me how to make them myself.  I absolutely love my moccasins.  They sort of saved me... I have dicky kneecaps that grate on the bones which became acutely sore from bicycling.  The prescription was a pair of aggressive inner soles made by a podiatrist.  While these were great for my knees they threw my back and hips out.  More agony.  It was then discovered that I have an extra vertebrae in my lower back.  On trying everything to heal my back, eventually a Bowen Technique therapist removed my orthotic inner soles and reset my body to its own way of being.  I moved back into my Jory moccasins, to go 'au natural' again in the foot department.  While this has not been perfect for my body, it has been the happiest easily-manageable compromise by far.   

I like the way my feet can flex around the shapes on the path, in boulders and around tree roots.  It can make for a good grip while leather protects my skin from stones.  Feels like 4-Wheel-Drive for feet... it's Fun.

All photographs, and content of this website ©1997-date Jann French