All my ceramics are made from high fired, top quality stoneware unless... even better, porcelain is stated

Sizes quoted are not always precise to the millimetre as slight variations thankfully occur in handmade objects

Domestic Pots

Women in the Wind                                                                                                           Teapot on stand (Teapots lifts off their hollow stands, so you can put
Average  H 17cm-27cm x W 14cm                                                                                    teabags, herbs or sugar in the stand)
Sold                                                                                                                                   Sold

Hotcakes                                                                                                                            Porcelain Egg Cups

H 4.5cm x W 8.5cm                                                                                                             H 3cm x W 7.8cm
Sold                                                                                                                                    Sold


Birdy Beakers, porcelain                                                                                                      Beakers, porcelain
H 10.5cm x W 8cm                                                                                                               H 10.5cm x W 8cm  
Sold                                                                                                                                      Sold


Greedy Mugs                                                                                                                  Espresso Cups
H 9cm (13cm with handle) x W 10.5cm                                                                          H 7cm (12cm with handle) x W 9.5cm
Sold                                                                                                                                Sold


Laksa Bowl                                                                                                                         Unique Hand Built Bowl
H 10cm x W 25cm                                                                                                              H 11.5cm x W 25.5cm
AU$ 65   - One Left!                                                                                                           Sold


Watery Bowls & Plates                                                            Hatter's Tea Set                                                                                
H 9cm x 20.5cm                                                                                                                                                                 
Sold                                                                                         Sold        


Shot Cups/Tea Bowls                                                                                                            Shot Cups/Tea Bowls - left to right:  H 5.8cm x W 5.9cm, H 7.6cm x W7.cm,
Various  Sizes                                                                                                                        H 5.3cm x W 5.5cm (blue), H 8.3cm x W 6.3cm, H 8.8cm x W 6.6cm (back),
AU$ 10 each - see next photo for the last ones left                                                               H 4.9cm x W 6.2cm (blue), H 7.6cm x W 6.8cm, H 7.2 x W 7cm (blue)             


Green Nourishing Bowls vs3                     Green Side Plates                                       Green Mugs                                             Tall Green Mug & Beaker
H 10cm x W 16cm                                     H 18.5cm x W 1.5cm                                   H 10cm x W 8.5cm                                  H 11cm x W 8.5cm
Sold                                                           Sold                                                             Sold                                                          Sold



Green Tea Tea Set                                                                                                              Green Tea Tea Set 2
Teapot  H 10.5cm (19cm with handle) x W 15cm (19cm with spout)                                  Teapot  H 10cm (18 with handle) x W 14.6cm (19.7cm with spout)
Small Tea Bowls H 6.5cm x W 8cm, Jug very similar                                                         Medium Tea Bowls H 8.8cm x W 7.3cm, Jug H 7.6cm x W 8.4cm
Sold                                                                                                                                     Sold                                                       


Green Medium Tea Bowls (as per Tea Set 2 above)                                                     Green Jugs
H 8.8cm x W 7.3cm                                                                                                       left to right:  H 7.4cm x W 8cm    H 8.2cm x W 8.8cm    H 7.6cm x W 8.5cm
Sold                                                                                                                               Sold


Vases                                                                                                                                 Porcelain Vases
the one centre front is H 12cm x W 14cm                                                                          the one on the right is H 12.5cm x W 13cm
Sold                                                                                                                                    Sold


Garden Pots

Garden pots all made with a drainage hole in the bottom

Big Heavies                                                                                                                        Small Heavies
Approx 16cm x 16cm                                                                                                         H 9cm x W 9cm
Sold                                                                                                                                   Sold


Terracotta Pots - Hand Thrown                                                                                          Crunchies - Hand Thrown Stoneware
H 11cm x W13.5cm                                                                                                            H 11cm x W13.5cm 
Sold                                                                                                                                    Sold


Hand Thrown Garden Pots                                                                                                      Hand Built Garden Pots
Approx H 13.5cm x W 13cm         Approx H 11cm x 15.5cm                                                   H 17.5 x 15cm, 11.5cm x W 13cm
Glazed Stoneware - Sold             Unglazed white - Sold                                                         Sold  



Standing Stone Figures                                                                                                    Blue Standing Figure                                 Ghosty Liths
Average H 25cm x W 8cm                                                                                                H26cm x W10cm (across 'shoulder')         H 13cm x W 6cm
1 left, the tall blue one in the centre, see next photo                                                        Sold                                                           Sold                                      


Celtic Trees
Various, H 7-14cm x W 2-3cm...                        get a few or more to make a wood...                                                                        Sold


Chants #2, #3 & #6
H 284cm x W 30cm
Won RMJM Art for Architecture Award, London
Made to commission only  Au$ 10,500 each


Chants -

I lived in Jerusalem for six months where I was commonly asked what religion I was. I didn’t know. This work developed from my conscious effort to work out what my feelings and point of view on spirituality are.

The final forms stand gently but strongly; in the world… on the earth… and reach into the air. They speak of weather, life and sanctuary. Torn edges, joins and dark openings hint at organic endurance, experience and an inside I’m not showing. Their taller than human size was necessary to invoke appropriate senses.

For me they are also calm, meditative, organic and celebrate the great mystery (sometimes called God), in a myriad of ways. I went to extreme lengths, working like a method actor, to ‘make in’ the ‘right vibes’ on the topic and to give the work the best chance of absorbing my discoveries and conclusions - which settled on reverence, and the mechanics and spirit of nature; both Mother Nature and Human Nature.

A little about religion, contemplation, ritual and a lot about private appreciation, awe, the feelings of connectedness or perhaps even altered consciousness that we sometimes experience in a landscape, evolution, being part of a process, feeling safe… and something I can’t seem to put into words only body gestures.

I call them Chants because they are impossible to label but they reference universal feelings of personal mysticism in a way that recognises that people sing to their own tune religiously and/or spiritually.

Small Chant - black/green                                                                                                          Small Chant - Oatty
H 38cm x W 9.7cm                                                                                                                     H 41.2cm x W 8cm
Sold                                                                                                                                            Sold




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